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Version bêta du 09-02-2009


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Nouvelle version bêta du 09-02-2009

Historique des mises à jour de la Beta
2009-02-09 - Fixed: handling of "-1" for styles in Au3import
2009-02-09 - Added: icon selector now can select standard and small icons for the Button (thanks socratessa)
2009-02-09 - Fixed: handling of CustomPath where was icons with index (thanks socratessa)
2009-02-06 - Fixed: Koda can handle uncompressed 256x256 Vista icons
2009-02-05 - Fixed: correct Align in window calculations (thanks Valik)
2009-02-05 - Fixed: indentation when updating script (thanks Valik)
2009-02-05 - Changed: Updown no more raise error when entering incorrect value (thanks Valik)
2009-02-05 - Fixed: StatusBar alignment and last panel (thanks Zedna)
2008-09-05 - Fixed: stupid bug when keys not worked properly in the main icon list (thanks Zedna)
2008-09-04 - Changed: order of menus in code generator output to fix "main menu" issue (thanks Zedna)