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Version bêta du 03-10-2008


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Nouvelle version bêta du 03-10-2008

Historique des mises à jour Beta, Beta, Beta
Beta (2008-10-03)
2008-09-03 - Fixed: various small fixes and cleanups in new code
2008-09-02 - Added: Button now support coloring
2008-09-02 - Changed: rewritten Button control to support new icons code
2008-09-01 - Added: Picture editor may be invoked by doubleclick too
2008-09-01 - Changed: method of working with custom picture paths (changed method of loading break this anyway)
2008-09-01 - Changed: speedup loading of new Icon control, when icon loading from large libraries
2008-09-30 - Fixed: Form Captor example generated non-closed warning tag that cause conversion failure
2008-09-30 - Added: poFixed for form, where actual position not depend on form position (idea by Valik)
2008-09-29 - Changed: rewritten Picture Editor to support new Icon and other controls
2008-09-27 - Changed: rewritten Icon control (now much closer to an actual Autoit control & hi-color icons support)
2008-09-24 - Added: help handlers and ID's to all property editors

Beta (2008-09-24)
2008-09-24 - Changed: finished icon support rewriting, now retreiving of hi-color icons supported
2008-09-05 - Fixed: using wrong row when changing icon in list after deleting one of icon (thanks Zedna)
2008-09-05 - Fixed: AV when deleting (attached) context menu (long time bug)
2008-09-05 - Fixed: AV when deleting attached toolbar or imagelist (thanks Zedna)
2008-09-05 - Fixed: AV when invoke taborder dialog on toolbutton (thanks Zedna)
2008-09-05 - Fixed: no toolbar icon in taborder dialog (thanks Zedna)

Beta (2008-09-03)
2008-09-03 - Changed: experimental feature - not keep bitmaps inside form anymore (not supported customized paths yet)
2008-09-03 - Added: code generator part for toolbar/imagelist
2008-09-02 - Added: alignment for ListView columns
2008-09-02 - Fixed: form modified flag not set when editing properties (thanks Zedna)
2008-09-01 - Added: new imagelist implementation, icon resources
2008-05-10 - Added: initial toolbar and imagelist implementation