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Mises à Jour SciTE4AutoIt3 du 03/05/2015


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Document original : https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topi ... 54-release

03/05/2015 : Nouvelle mise a jour de l'installateur Scite4AutoIt3.exe avec la nouvelle version 3.5.4 de SciTE.

Voici quelques changements majeurs :
  • - Voir les détails ci-dessous.
Amusez vous bien,

Ajouts/Changements/Corrections du dernier installateur :

  • *** Merged the SciTE v 3.5.4 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    Added utf8.auto.check which will autodetect UTF8 encoded files without BOM and files containing Highvalue ASCII characters and setting the correct encoding.
    We have set the default to 4 which means that the encoding is set to UTF8 without BOM for any script containing normal ASCII characters.
    #~ Enhance function of auto checking utf8: providing two methods
    #~ utf8.auto.check=1: detect utf8 and add BOM automatically
    #~ utf8.auto.check=2: detect utf8 and do not add BOM
    #~ utf8.auto.check=3: detect ascii high characters and if none found set default encoding to UTF8 and add BOM
    utf8.auto.check=4: detect ascii high characters and if none found set default encoding to UTF8 and do not add BOM

    *** Updated Au3Stripper v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - 14.801.2025.1: Fix for AdlibUnRegister() without parameter avoid warning and hardcrash.
    - 14.801.2025.2: Fix handling ".\" relatives paths in #include statements.

    *** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - 14.801.2025.1: Fix for #2851 -> au3records returning some SciTE console info that shouldn't be there.
    - 14.801.2025.2: Added support for UTF8 without BOM scripts to be able to update the version and GUI information.
    - 14.801.2025.3: Decode %xx% in the OutputFile Directives
    - 14.801.2025.4: Make single line script with directive work
    - 14.801.2025.5: Added check for AUT2EXE failure adding FileInstall() files. and set return code to 1.
    - 14.801.2025.6: Fix error trigered by "#AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Debug_Mode=Y " when script contains Switch-Case-EndSwitch
    - 14.801.2025.7: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion_AutoIncrement=Y will now also increment #pragma compile(Fileversion, 0.62) statements.
    Also now support for:
    - 14.801.2025.8: Added: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_HiDpi= ;(Y/N) Compile for high DPI. Default=N (Idea: unexpectedpanda)
    - 14.801.2025.9: Fixed regression in .7
    - 14.801.2025.10: Fixed missing info in the HiDpi data
    - 14.801.2025.11: Added 2 keywords for AutoIt3Wrapper.ini which can set the Restart and StopExecuting Hotkeys in AutoIt3Wrapper: (mLipok)

    *** Updated Tidy v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed regression for #include-once statements
    - Fixed Spacing for #include statements
    - Fixed bug with #tidy_On/#Tidy_Off
    - Fixed hardcrash with longfilenames.
    - Changed SortFunc option from 15 to 65 characters of the FuncName to sort on.

    *** Updated SciTEConfig v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - 14.801.2025.1 Fixed issue with setting CallTip dynamically.
    - 14.801.2025.2 Added About button.
    - 14.801.2025.3 Fix UserCallTip Manager big (Melba23)
    - 14.801.2025.4 added Alpha level for Selected line background and changed the logoic for displaying the Alpha value label.
    - 14.801.2025.5 Added checks for SciTEUSer info to Option "Run AutoIt3/SciTE Check".
    showing SciTEUser file location at the bottom. (mLipok)
    - 14.801.2025.6 Added option to open AutoIt3Wrapper.ini and Tidy.Ini
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